About Us

Ryan Weston of Weston Electric Arts


My vision with Weston Electric Arts is to provide an avenue for high-quality vintage audio equipment, a portal for service, restorations, and repairs, as well as some of the best service and knowledge in the industry. I believe that audio equipment, especially vintage audio equipment, should be sold with service. It’s kind of an old school mentality but this is old school equipment.


Our Story


About 20 years ago, I started out in this business working for a very highly regarded and unique HiFi shop in Chicago. I began as a salesman but when our service tech left, I jumped at the chance to roll up my sleeves and start fixing some of this gear. In a previous life, I worked as an electrician and had always been technically and mechanically proficient so working on electronics came quite naturally.


Over the years, I’ve watched as a lot of this equipment has become lusted after with such ferocity that it’s mind-boggling. eBay and Craigslist are full of equipment that is labeled “restored” but what does that mean? These postings are usually full of lists of components that have been replaced but where is the guarantee and how do you really know that the work was done correctly? Purchasing a unit from one of these sellers may be a good option if you’re technically keen but what if you are not? What if you don’t really care how it works and are more concerned with it just working and sounding great? What if you are new to audio and you find yourself drawn to vintage gear but don’t know where to start? What if you live somewhere where there is no local service shop to get your eBay purchase fixed?


Weston Electric aims to guide those of you who are new this hobby toward equipment that is appropriate and exciting to own, answering any questions along the way. For those of you who have been immersed in this pastime for a while, I offer you an opportunity to seek out that elusive piece of equipment that has been missing from your collection. If you’re happy with what you have but know that it could benefit from an update, I can help. Whether it is an equipment purchase or service, I’ll never ship you a box and just say “good luck”.