"Ryan has been working with hifi for over 20 years, I pretty much don't trust anyone else to touch my gear. Whether its repair or restoration, he's your guy. There's a pretty good chance he will think your rig is as cool as you do." 

- Josh C., Audio Engineer 


"A few years ago, I was at an audio trade show and I watched as this guy uncrated a $20,000 turntable that had been shipped in special for the occasion. The reassembly instructions somehow didn’t make it with the crate; they were either lost or forgotten at the origin point.  So, with a big room full of fellow audiophile guys hovering about and looking on and murmuring uneasily to each other (some no doubt hoping for him to fail), I watched Ryan effortlessly rebuild the turntable, as if by some instinct. About 20 minutes after he began, he had it operating perfectly. He never broke a sweat.

This guy knows audio gear and electronics. He knows the architecture of sound. I’ve never regretted purchasing any piece of gear he has recommended to me. In fact, some of the most cherished items I own have come from Ryan’s recommendations. The guy knows his stuff, and more importantly, he understands that not everyone is after the same thing from their audio rig. He gets what so many others don’t. He’s not some guy who will push his favorite brand; instead he’ll ask questions and listen to your answers and then he’ll tailor his reply based upon what you’ve said, referencing the book of knowledge he's compiled from a lengthy career in this biz. This is rare in an industry full of blowhards and know-it-alls and dudes who peacock, showing off what they think they "know."

I have total faith in his input and the work he does. He can truly fix anything. And he’s given me the most valuable thing with regard to my audio set-up: peace of mind. This allows me to enjoy the music and not worry at all about the gear that’s delivering it. What a huge relief!"

- Sonny Mountain


Ryan's audio electronics skills span the full spectrum: restoration, repairs, upgrades... he can (and does) do it all. And if you need a 90-pound amplifier shipped, he'll make sure it arrives in even better shape than it was when it left.

- Paul G., Audiophile